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Projects & activities

  • Assistance to a researcher on behalf of the B.B.C for filming a TV series on wildlife called 'Asia' with David Attenborough (2022).

  • Co-author of a book "A brother to jackals" published by Afik, the second book in the "Neighbors" series   initiated by Dror Burstein and Maya Weinberg (2022).

  • I am in the process of writing my own book about the jackals in Hayarkon Park, which will include exclusive information regarding the jackals' lives and will bring together all the information I have collected over the years. The book will consist of photographs and personal and experiential texts.   

  • Assisting B.B.C team with debriefing of the jackals in the Hayarkon park Tel Aviv for urban nature program (2018).

  • Active in preserving nature in recent years. Manager of Facebook group "Guard the Yarkon park of all of us – save the nature within the town". Dealing with subjects such as: repetitive pollutions of the Yarkon river, animals/wild life, quality of the environment, cutting down trees and pruning and guarding wild animals, especially jackals, light pollution, pesticides, building at the expense of nature etc...(2018-2021).

  • Promoting awareness of nature in means of social network and media (2014 - 2022).

  • A petition initiated by me in the matter of repetitive pollutions at the Yarkon river  (2017).  

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